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Welcome to Euroamerican School - Campus Campestre

Euro Campestre is a private school in the heart of San Pedro designed for local and internationally-minded families, where we focus on encouraging and promoting our students to think in innovative ways rather than conforming to a predetermined mindset. 

Our teachers have vast teaching experience and are passionate about their profession, helping students enhance their development through continuous learning. We offer a top-quality international academic curriculum with high educational standards at all levels in order to prepare our graduates to face the changing demands of the world.

We offer a combination of academic and co-curricular activities that help our students find their identity and passions, develop skills and interests creatively to pursue their dreams and become leaders with a spirit of service.

We are a family with values grounded in faith, with a firm conviction to preserve our national identity and a respect for global diversity

Reasons to choose us

  • Academic Excellence International educational program recognized and validated by more than 20 years of academic excellence.
  • Personalized & multilingual education Educational offer in 3 languages, Spanish, English, and French.
  • Unique methodology We are the first school in Monterrey to offer Conscious Discipline, an international social-emotional learning methodology.
  • Values & Religion Every child is encouraged to find meaning and ambition based on moral values
  • Technology and learning spaces iCube Ecosystem program.
  • Strong and familiar community
  • We are part of Sendica, a nationwide, private, and premium growing network with over 8,000 students.
  • Extracurricular Activities We offer one of the most diverse extracurricular activities; arts, sports, technology and innovation

Events & News


Time: 7:30 PM – 8 PM
  • +8 international schools
  • +8,000 students
  • Mexico and worldwide
  • Sendica Cups
  • National and international events

Proud to be Euro Campestre